Die European Rural History Film Database ( beinhaltet u.a. Informationen zu 600 Filmprojekten aus der Schweiz.
Band 3 der Reihe Studien und Quellen zur Agrargeschichte enthält auch einen Aufsatz zur Genese des AfA. PDF

Online Portals Sources, Persons and Institutions, Films and Working animals

The online portal Sources on Agricultural History provides information on the content (archival indexes, inventory analyses) and locations of the archival holdings catalogued by the ARH.


The online portal Persons and Institutions contains biographical information on more than 8,000 persons from the 18th to the 21st century. The information derives from archival collections, periodicals and literature. The database is continuously expanded and the entries are linked via Metagrid to information in other online accessible encyclopaedias.


Film Database ERHFA

The ARH operate the Database and the Online-Portal of the European Rural History Film Association. The database contains information on ca. 2’500 films. More than 400 of these films are digitised and can be consulted in the online portal.


European Rural History Film Online Portal

Online Portal working animals

The online portal "Working Animals Online - Image Sources on Animal Work" contains a selection of the images recorded and described in the ARH database "Working Animals". The images are grouped according to the institutions holding the images and make them available to the public in the ARH online portal. Image rights must be clarified with the contributing institutions.

Database Periodicals

The ARH operate the database „Agrarian Periodicals“ which contains entries to ca. 650 periodical titles (newspapers, journals etc.) from the agricultural and food sector in Switzerland that have been published since the second half of the 18th century. The database can be consulted in the ARH.