Finding documentary material

The Archives of Rural History systematically attempts to discover and collect documentary material relating to the history of rural society and the agricultural sector in the 19th and 20th centuries. As a virtual archive, we do not store the archival records ourselves but instead deposit them in existing archives. We search for and catalogue archival materials in the possession of private persons, federations, political organisations, private firms etc. The records from national institutions are placed in the Swiss Federal Archives in Bern, those from regional or local organisations in cantonal or communal archives. We assist large organisations with voluminous archival material to build up their own archives.

Overview over the collected funds

The database "Records of Rural History" provide information about each collection that has been catalogued so far and deposited in existing archives. For each collection the database contains information on the organisation or person who supplied the archival material, the material itself and the catalogue (table of contents). The catalogue can be printed out as a PDF file and contains the signature under which the documents can be ordered in the archives where the fund has been deposited.