Agricultural Scientists and Agricultural Change in Industrial and Industrialising Societies

Agricultural Scientists and Agricultural Change in Industrial and Industrialising Societies  – The Swiss Case in Comparative Context: Experts and advisers have occupied a strategically crucial position in modern and in post-modern knowledge-based societies. Agriculture is no exception in this regard. Ever since the late 19th century agricultural scientists have played a central role as experts, instructors and advisers in agricultural and nutrition-related matters at the local, national and international levels. This research project will focus on these agricultural scientists in Switzerland who, until the late 1960s, were exclusively educated at the Swiss Polytechnic College (ETH) in Zürich.


Programme for the study of European rural societies (PROGRESSORE)

The research project PROGRESSORE (Programme for the Study of European Rural Societies) is a COST (Brussels) project in which social scientists from more than 25 European countries are participating. The main objective of the Action is to provide the necessary keys to understanding the changes experienced by present-day European rural societies in the light of their historical experience. Switzerland is represented on the Management Committee by Peter Moser and Anne-Lise Head (University of Geneva). The Archives of Rural History are organising a workshop on ‘State Agricultural Policies: Causes, Implementation and Consequences’ in spring 2008 in Bern.

Rural societies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

This research project focuses on the history of rural societies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from the Middle Ages to the present day. A central aim is to produce a synthesis of the new and innovative research findings that historians of rural societies in Europe have produced in the last three decades. Another aim is to pay special attention to those themes and areas that so far have been relatively neglected, and to analyse those sources that only recently have become available.